Video editing

I see a lot of potential in using tactile feedback for video applications. E. g. when fast-forwarding in a video it's hard to tell how fast the video really moves and you move past the scene you're looking for a couple of times before you can stop the video at the right place. This problem can be solved by using special devices in the form of jog and shuttle controls, but this requires special hardware and it also limits the use of the hardware to the purpose it was originally designed. So I'm currently thinking of ways to use tactile feedback in video applications.

When discussing this with my fellow students they pointed me to the Lemur device by Cycling '74, a multi-touch screen that you can program to your likings. I could imagine such a device with tactile feedback to be a joy to use. Because the vibrational feedback works only on the whole screen, the screen probably should be smaller and different instruments should be on different screens. Say iPhone-sized :)

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